4 Interior Design Trends We Can Learn from Today’s Top Celebrities


Explore Four Celebrity Design Trends to Incorporate Into Your Own Home.

Celebrities are fashion icons. Whether it’s an outfit, sports car, or luxury home design, there’s always something to take away from celeb style. Here we’ll explore four interior design elements that even the richest of celebrities include in their homes.

Modern Twist

Leonardo DiCaprio bought a traditional English home with a modern twist. Although the historic exterior has been maintained, the interior of the home is exquisitely modern. DiCaprio purchased the home, but it’s believed to have been bought for a family member. Regardless of who lives in the home, DiCaprio shows a dedication to modern style.

This mansion features high-end amenities like a yoga room, steam room, pool, and more. In addition, the space is adorned with marble countertops, modern furniture, and white accents in every room. This DiCaprio-owned home demonstrates the importance of integrating modern elements into traditional properties.

Cozy Additions

Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep is talented in many ways, including her eye for design. This is apparent in her former New York City penthouse in Tribeca. Streep was sure to add an element of cozy to her home, which culminated in a wood-burning fireplace, a 10-foot-wide terrace, and a beautiful skylit entrance.

Although modern styles are popular, Streep incorporated comfortable and welcoming elements to her otherwise contemporary abode. These characteristics gave the home a lived-in yet extremely polished feel that we all strive to achieve. 

Room for Everything

Kris Jenner is famous for a variety of things, including her massive closet. Affluent buyers always are concerned about dressing space, and Jenner is no different. Her multi-room closet is said to be one of her all-time favorite places in her home. 

Of course, the closet has sufficient space to house all her luxurious designer clothing items and accessories, but it also acts as an in-house retreat. Here, Jenner is able to relax and organize however she chooses.

Natural Accents

Celebrity home designer Joanna Gaines understands the ultimate interior design elements to create celebrity-worthy homes. One of her favorite tricks is to incorporate a sense of nature within each and every property. This design technique can be explicit, featuring trees and natural water elements, or it can be subtle with a gentle touch of neutral paint tones.

One of her favorite ways to add a natural feel to each space is through color and texture. Greens, natural woods, raw stone, and sunlight add an earthy touch to every space that’s both simple and luxurious.

If you’re interested in purchasing a celebrity-like home, reach out. We’ll work together to find a property that meets all your luxury design expectations. 


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