As Bay Area Startups Cut Costs, Perks Are the First on the Chopping Block



Interesting article about the 'perks' of Silicon Valley companies going away. Lunches, laundry, on-site gyms... An indicator that things are slowing down here? Or just companies tightening their belts?
~ Alicia
Dropbox is slashing amenities for employees in a cost-cutting effort that could save the company close to $38 million per year, Business Insider first reported this weekend.

According to a company email sent in March, perks on the chopping block include shuttles for its San Francisco employees, laundry service at its gym, and certain meal hours. All together, the benefits had cost the company $25,000 per head, according to the internal email cited in the report.

The company opted to keep a large chrome panda bear in its lobby "as a company-wide reminder of the importance of both our past and future in thoughtful spending," the report said. (The panda was rumored to cost six figures, and presumably wouldn't be an easy sell on Craigslist.)

Dropbox had been known for its generous perks: gourmet food prepared in-house, unlimited vacation time, massages, and an on-site gym (including laundry services) for its staff.

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