Keep It Clean: White Kitchen Backsplashes That Are NOT Subway Tiles


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When imagining a white kitchen backsplash, subway tiles might be the first thing to come to mind. These classic tiles have been in the interior design spotlight for the past few years—and it makes sense that they’re so popular. The timeless backsplash makes any kitchen modern and bright, but subway tiles aren’t the only way to go. If you’re craving something with a little bit more flare, hop off the subway train and explore some fresh options that prove a white backsplash can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

White Wood Panels

Get the best of both worlds with white wood paneling that adds a subtle touch of country chic to modern digs resulting in the perfect farmhouse feel.

White Brick

A twist on classic red brick, a white brick backsplash achieves a similar look to subway tiles, but it’s a little rougher around the edges. This charming, modern-rustic twist will bring your kitchen to the next level. 

Herringbone Tiles

If you’re still hung up on subway tiles, try turning them on their heads with a herringbone pattern. This zig-zagged, chevron-style design has all the simplicity of traditional subway tiles, but gives the room a refreshed feel. 


Nothing says luxury quite like marble. Both chic and minimalist, a white marble backsplash is timeless, versatile, and a guaranteed way to make your guests gush.

Moroccan Tile

If you want your kitchen to feel like a work of art, look no further. With a simple pattern, moroccan tiles get the job done by adding interest while maintaining a clean, neutral backdrop for all your meal-prepping needs. 

Mosaic Tile

Highlight your kitchen’s character with tiny mosaic tiles that catch the light in new ways. A 3-dimensional design goes the distance to prove a white backsplash can always stay current.

Weathered Walls

This weathered, textured backsplash is a rustic take on subway tiles that leaves your kitchen feeling cozier than ever.

Black-and-white Checkered

Check it out—retro black and white checkered tiles add a graphic statement without going overboard and are guaranteed to spice up the kitchen, maybe even more than that curry you’ve been meaning to make. 


This white hexagon mosaic backsplash is pretty much the bee’s knees. It looks like honeycomb, and it’s sure to sweeten up your space.


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