Prepping Your San Francisco Luxury Home for Sale: 3 Tips to Get Started



Three Top Tips to Get Your Luxury Home Ready for the Market.

To set yourself up for a successful sale, it’s ultra-important that you prepare your San Francisco home prior to listing your house on the market. Luxury homes should be uniquely considered when getting ready to sell, as there is potential for a larger margin of profit when the deal closes. If you’re selling your luxury home in the San Francisco area, be sure to prepare your property--and yourself--with these three simple yet imperative steps.

1. Staging Your Home

When someone walks into your home, you want them to feel like it’s theirs. This can be a difficult vibe to elicit if you’ve already moved out of your estate and the house is bare or if it’s full of your family’s memorabilia. This is why staging is a crucial step that you can’t skip over, especially when selling a luxury home.

If any home repairs are necessary, be sure to get those out of the way. This will make your home look even more polished and set the stage for the home staging process. After initial repairs are complete, you’ll be ready to move on to the staging process, which typically necessitates the expertise of a professional home stager. They will add custom art and furniture to create a polished yet lived-in atmosphere. By staging your home, the best assets of the space will be highlighted with the goal of a faster sale at a higher selling price.

2. Luxury Marketing

After the home is all set up, it’s important to share the beautiful and unique efforts that went into staging the home. Marketing collateral like high-end photos and video montages will make your property ready for online listing. 

A reputable realtor will understand the importance of marketing both online and in person. With their vast understanding of an online presence, knowledge of social media optimization, and network of connections, your realtor will build a luxury marketing campaign for your home.

3. Listing Your Home

Once your home is ready to list, there are two important market elements to consider:

  • The perfect price ask
  • The perfect time to sell
When pricing a luxury home, it can be difficult to find the perfect number that will give you the earnings you’re hoping for and the buyer a fair deal. Luxury homes have fewer comparable properties to base pricing on; plus, they have unique and high-end amenities that must be taken into account. This is why hiring a San Francisco real estate agent with experience selling luxury homes will be important for you. If your property is priced too low, you won’t get top dollar at closing. On the contrary, if the home is priced too high, you’ll run the risk of not selling.

Some seasons naturally reap higher sales success than others. However, if you hire a reputable realtor to represent your home sale, they will understand how to best list your home no matter what the weather. For example, an agent may take advantage of the winter months by creating a memorable ambiance full of warm cookies and cozy candles. In the summer, a realtor may highlight outdoor features like custom landscaping and first-class pools.

In Conclusion

Finding the right realtor is an important aspect of selling your San Francisco luxury property. Not only will their expertise of the area, stagers, and marketing tactics assist you while listing your home, but their overall understanding of the property, selling process, and local market will also help you get the best price on your estate. 

If you’re ready to begin the listing process and sell your home, reach out. It would be my pleasure to support you as we set your home up for a successful sale.


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