The Latest in Home Security for Luxury Properties


The San Francisco real estate properties I represent are more than mere houses, they are where my clients live, laugh, work and enjoy the warmth of family. Protecting your home is always at the forefront of your mind, which is why I want to keep you abreast of the latest options in luxury real estate security. Since your options are constantly changing, I’ve compiled a list of amazing home security products to help you better decide how to safeguard your home and those you care about the inside of it.

All-Inclusive Security Systems

As technology improves, it becomes easier to protect and care for the space and ones you love. Top-of-the-line home security providers are taking note and offering luxury real estate owners even more options in their home security packages. Now, most systems are controlled right from your phone, meaning you can spend more time enjoying life while monitoring every aspect of your San Francisco real estate home from anywhere.
Home security giant ADT’s new offering, ADT Pulse, provides easy access to a variety of smart home options, controlled by a mobile phone or in-home touchscreen. The Pulse goes beyond basics and its energy efficiency controls are well worth the investment.

Vivint takes the protection of you and your home to the next level by alerting of other common household hazards like high carbon monoxide levels, flood risk, and fire dangers, which is a must for us California residents.

Indoor Security

Most of us have traditionally always installed cameras to protect the parameter of our Silicon Valley real estate homes, but now indoor cameras are playing an integral role in our safety as well. 

Explore the Nest Cam Indoor Security System which provides a 24/7 live stream in 1080p high definition. You can watch continuous footage with movement notifications and updates. 

Taking this one step further, Canary quickly and easily adapts to your family’s lifestyle routine to help it distinguish between the typical door shutting and stairway footsteps versus the unusual activity throughout your home at any given time. 

Smart Replacements for Common Household Items

As homes become more intelligent, common household items will be one less worry on our list of to-dos due to technologically advanced alternatives. This year, the deadbolt and smoke detector are being upgraded to newer, smarter alternatives.

One option, Novi Security, could replace your traditional smoke detector. This updated product adds more advanced features like a 170-degree high-definition camera and motion detection on top of the more common features like smoke detection and a high-decibel alarm. Deadbolts are also getting a facelift.

Products like the Kevo Smart Lock can allow you to unlock your door with the touch of a finger, and the August Smart Lock, which easily attaches to your existing deadbolt, gives you the option of using your existing keys or your Smartphone to unlock your doors.

Whether you’re spending time at home, or a way you can now ensure your San Francisco real estate home and family is safe from anywhere. 


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